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Center for Bioinformatics – REVIT is a health institution, established in 2011 and licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Macedonia. Within the company, there is a Center for Bioinformatics – REVIT an institution for complementary and alternative medicine, established in a recognizable regional Center for Revitalization and Regenerative Medicine.

The center deals with the regeneration and revitalization of the psycho-physical health by using Scientific approach named Applied Bioinformatics as a branch of complementary medicine.

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Diagnostic examinations are performed in the premises of the center, which can determine the functional condition of all organs. These examinations measure the action potential of all cell membrane and through the measured values, indirectly, the function of the organs is determined.

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Freja Forum - Assembly of Macedonia
Freja Forum - Assembly of Macedonia
Freja Forum - Assembly of Macedonia


We use personalized therapy for treatment of disease

Personalized therapy is not based on a chemical substance as the main treatment factor, but it is based on the Information Complex (software cell complex of information and frequencies recorded on a specific chemical carrier). All these enumerated chemical element are used to transmit information and frequencies, they are a kind of transmitters in a certain cellular software language and frequency which is the only factor of treatment. (in this case the chemical substance serves only as a mediator, carrier of information from “computer” to biological computer (in this example human)).

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